Safe Streets

 In a safe city the criminals live in fear not the citizens

Take It To Zero

“Take It To Zero” originated when Ron Osborn spoke to a public official in the Jackson County D.A.’s office, shortly after Robert’s murder. In the conversation, the official asked, “What would you like to see done?” Ron replied, “No homicides.” The official looked bewildered. Ron was suggesting a seemingly impossible task. Ron helped the official put his statement in perspective by saying, “We might not make it to zero, but maybe on the way we could save some lives.”

Thus the creation of “Take it to Zero.” Our goal is to implement a program to establish a “safe streets, safe city” agenda that radically reduces the amount of violent crime on Kansas City streets. In a safe city, businesses prosper and communities grow. Citizens can pursue day-to-day activities without fear of victimization. In our plan, reducing the incidents of crime and disorder becomes an essential component of producing a safe environment.

Take It To Zero synthesizes proven anti-crime strategies and discussions with local government officials. A safe Kansas City literally starts one block at a time. Security is a fundamental right. It is time to take action.






Security is a fundamental right and the most

important function of government.

Key Elements To Take It To Zero

• Promote the rights of citizens

• Envision a greatly reduced crime rate

• Focus on “quality of life” crimes

• Encourage citizen participation

• Increase police visibility

• Remove known criminals from the streets

• Target high-risk crime areas

Take It To Zero begins with adjusting attitudes Steps to the eradication of victimization in Kansas City:

• Practice ZERO TOLERANCE in all aspects of policing. This involves a “broken windows” approach to fighting crime

• Set goals. Adopt the International City Manager Association (ICMA) average benchmarks for crime as a standard for Kansas City.

• Remove known criminals. Conduct frequent arrest sweeps of warrant and parole violators. Behavior that does not adhere to the core values of society need to be eradicated.

• Target more resources to high-risk areas. Deploy resources according to demand.

• Encourage citizen participation. Keep neighborhoods safe with citizen involvement. Citizens need to report crime and supply evidence.




Take It To Zero

The Campaign for the Eradication of

Violence on Kansas City Streets