Robert Osborn was killed while riding his bicycle home from work, the apparent result of a self-described "thrill kill."


After putting Robert to rest his family turned to why this happened.  Robert’s murder, out of boredom, was something we had never heard of.  The family started researching Kansas City’s crime.


It was a wake up call because Kansas City’s homicide rate was found to be almost five times higher than the national average.  We decided to alert others of our findings. You can discover them throughout this web site.


We hope to significantly reduce violent crime and save lives in the process.

Robert Osborn Way







A project was implemented to honor Robert Osborn's bike route to and from work. Safe Streets KC contacted Kansas City to inquire about a street renaming procedure. The city responded by allowing an honorary street renaming, based upon the collection of signatures from neighbors who's houses boardered the route. The petition to collect signatures was greatly received by the neighbors and forwarded to the city for verification and approval. After city approval, the Osborn family pooled together the $2,000 to pay for the nine designated signs. The signs are now installed on 47th Street from Sterling Avenue east to the city limits.


Click HERE for a link to Robert's Memorial site.