• The Kansas City Police Department is not run by the city. The state of Missouri oversees the city police by means of a governor appointed Commissioner.


• Kansas City is unique in the governance of the police department. Unlike most other cities that have the City Manager oversee the department—and have the department be accountable for performance—Kansas City relies upon the Governor's office for oversight.


• Some appointed Commissioners hold other jobs or other duties besides running the city Police Department.


Check out this link for more information on the department or on the Commissioners.



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Safe Streets KC strongly recommends that you attend one of the Board of Police Commissioners meetings. They are held once a month on the sixth floor of the downtown Police Headquarters. We suggest that you come with questions about the high volume of violent crime in Kansas City, why it is so high and what they are intending to do about it. Be sure to ask why they think that eighty homicides a year is an acceptable number.


Be prepared to hear answers that are not often direct, straight forward or well reasoned. You may receive a "holistic approach" answer. Don't be fooled. A true "holistic approach" takes into consideration education, childhood development and other areas that the police department does not regulate. Police are responsible for the safety of citizens.