Q: What happened to your brother?

A: He was murdered while riding his bicycle home from work one Sunday morning.


Click HERE to view the Channel 9 news report for an account of the murder.


Q: Did they catch the person that killed your brother?

A: They have arrested two people in connection with my brother's murder.
Raphael Willis--05l6-CR07918
Fabian Brown----0516-CR07928

Click on their names to be take to the Case Link web. Enter the appropriate file number for Mr. Willis or Mr. Brown to see the case.

Q. Are they still in jail?

A. Yes. Willis is in the Jackson County jail held with no bond. Brown is in the Jackson County jail held with $500,000 cash bond.


Q: Have they been convicted?

A: No. Fabian Brown's court case is due in September of OS'. Raphael Willis's trial was postponed from September 06' to October of 07', and a plea date has been set for Aug. 1st 08'.

Q: Did either one have a job or were going to school?

A: As far as we know Mr. Willis worked for the Kansas City Water department for about the last year. We don't know if Mr. Brown had a job.

Q: What is taking so long for a trial?

A: We have been told that a typical trial date on a first degree murder case is a year and a half to two years.

Q: Do you need any help?

A: In several ways: Click HERE to see how you can help.

Click HERE for more up-to-date information on the guilty verdicts of Brown and Willis